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The workshop is very focused, tangible and uses great case studies. This is a very accurate and intuitive method to evaluate and improve any business and product.Baldwin Berges, Founder at BD-Insider.comPimento Map program participant
As a starters coach, it will help me to structure my coachings even more and also talk about every field. It gives a quick view on the business, but you can also go more in detail step by step.Evelien Verschroeven, Business Developer StartersPimento Map program participant
Very good methodology to start a business from scratch and to really feel you have entrepreneurship in your genes.Kris Beterams, Smart Hub Manager IndustrialCoach Training program participant
Présentation intéressante me confortant dans l’idée que ma gestion du temps n’est pas si mauvaise !PhicapTime Management program participant
This training is both theoretical and practical. It manages to bring us through the whole process and to deliver a realistic result.Jean-Thierry DufortStartup Sprint program participant
The 3 days courses of Virtuology Academy has reboosted my mind-set from managing an idea to a M.V.P.Thomas Kinet, Allround Developer – Startup Sprint program participant
J'ai trouvé ce stage enrichissant, génial, motivant... tout le contraire d'une perte de temps pendant les vacances!Edouard, 17 ans – Bootcamp program participant
Matinée très profitable, de nombreuses clefs pour améliorer sa gestion du temps qui après quelques semaines ont bien fait leur preuves. Merci Cédric!PhicapTime Management program participant
Intéressant de A à Z, m’a beaucoup apporté dans ma gestion de tous les jours.PhicapTime Management program participant
Een interessante, interactieve presentatie over timemanagement met bruikbare tips voor het organiseren van mijn TO DO’s. De presentatie gaf ook inzichten over het bredere aspect namelijk dat zelfontwikkeling het belangrijkste aspect is binnen uw timemanagement.PhicapTime Management program participant
A clear, pragmatic and objective way to handle assessment of business plans? Highly useful training!Maxime Favier, Founder at THEPHOTOACADEMY.comPimento Map program participant
The Pimento Map method is the must follow-up of the Business Model Canvas for every entrepreneur or intrapreneur to validate it on feasibility and reality. Using the Pimento Map will give you a valuable advantage to those who don’t. Pimento Map gives you a clear and workable insight on your Business Model.Miriam Elst, Design Thinking FacilitatorPimento Map program participant
Easy and clear, step by step understanding of those business challenges you as an entrepreneur should be aware of, together with the proper context.Lawrence Landeloos, Senior ConsultantPimento Map program participant
Very energizing course to open up your ideas and shape them into a business plan with visionary insight and a presentation to find funding.Anne-Lies Van den Eyde, Availability coordinatorStartup Sprint program participant
This training gave me confidence in my project as well as myself. I feel like I crossed the line from dreaming about a project to realising it.Susan ThulinStartup Sprint program participant
For me, a person who has absolutely no background in entrepreneurship, the workshop was an eye-opener and showed me a world of possibilities. I feel I learned a lot, and I’m really happy I attended the full three days workshops.Gabrielle WinandyStartup Sprint program participant
If you want to go deeper into the creation of your business, you should take this course.Sinouhe Monteiro, Founder at EwalaStartup Sprint program participant
Ce type de formation contribue réellement à apporter de la valeur ajoutée à de futurs starters en leur permettant de challenger leurs idées avec des outils “minded”. Martine Tintin, Sales advisor
The training was intensive but useful. I am certain that I will use the giver method in my day-to-day professional life.Olivier Kegels, VOKA Starters advisorCoach Training program participant
Avec quelques idées simples et efficaces, que ce soit à l’échelle de la vie ou à l’échelle du quotidien, cette formation est un bon moment pour se mettre au time management !PhicapTime Management program participant
Dankzij deze opleiding heb ik geleerd om mijn werk en vrije tijd op een slimme manier beter te plannen.PhicapTime Management program participant
I think being a coach in the startup world is about having the right reflexes based on a methodology. Following Pimento Map coaching session is being a part of a validated and used methodology and creates added value to the startup coach.Baudouin de Troostembergh, CEO and Founder at Startup FactoryPimento Map program participant
Great training, giving custom made information and tips you won’t find easily on the internet.Karima Neveu, Senior Account ExecutiveDigital Social Marketing program participant
Un stage que je n'ai pas seulement adoré mais qui m'a permis d'avoir une précision pour mon proche avenir, sur mes futures ambitions. Mais aussi un stage unique où on ne s'ennuie pas, on en veut toujours plus. Pour finir, un stage qui m'a permis de rencontrer de nombreuses personnes ayant de précieux conseils qui m'aideront sûrement à construire mes futures projets.Félix, 15 ans – Bootcamp program participant
Great technique, well explained by Cedric. Pimento Map should be a must for all starting companies.Kris Beterams, Smart Hub Manager IndustrialPimento Map program participant
I would recommend to anyone still thinking "it is not for me". Really great training session on how Facebook can be used to boost audience reach even in B2B. Congrats also to Virtuology Academy who, for the second time, demonstrates sales & marketing can be true science. A good step for the pragmatic engineer I am.François Neu, Founder and Managing PartnerDigital Social Marketing program participant
A good way to put your ideas into context if hesitating between a Go/No Go.Tanguy VanderlindenStartup Sprint program participant
Grâce à des cours et des visites ludiques, ce stage m' a appris comment je peux lancer une startup en diminuant les risques d'échec.Maxime, 15 ans – Bootcamp program participant
This 3 days workshops help us to have an helicopter view of our project. We had the opportunity to readjust and rethink our strategy.Stéphane UgeuxStartup Sprint program participant
Pimento Map workshop is a hands-on, clear and fast method to verify your business plan strenght and weaknesses. It’s a tool to find the critical path to develop further your business and have a visionair objective approach. I am sure to use this tool for many intra and entrepreneurial projects.Anne-Lies Van den Eyde, Availability coordinatorPimento Map program participant
Stage très intéressant par la découverte de certains domaines comme le codage, très bonne pédagogie donnant une bonne vision du monde des startups. Alexandre, 17 ans – Bootcamp program participant
This Pimento Map workshop allowed me to get a new perspective of a business as an intrapreneur. I would definitely recommend it for both starter and corporation.Olivier de Schutter, Knowledge ManagerPimento Map program participant
Ce stage m'a ouvert les yeux sur le monde de l'entrepreneurariat tout en m'aidant à penser de manière plus innovante et à travailler en équipe! En bref, une expérience inoubliable!Marion, 17 ans – Bootcamp program participant
Great teacher and really practical and to the point training.This training's added value is that you go back home with a clear methodology in mind.Valéry Desil, Key Account Manager at DBMStartup Sprint program participant
Een tweedaags waar je volledig wordt ongedompeld in het denken van een ondernemer. Virginie Desaever, Sales advisor
I finally have the tools in hands to play with the power of Facebook!Simon Van Lierde, Creative Content DirectorDigital Social Marketing program participant
Virtuology Academy allowed me to turn an idea into a MVP in 3 days only!Edouard d’Ursel, Co-founder TweefyStartup Sprint program participant
Excellent training! Everything you need in a nutshell. Great Value! Cedric Donck knows his stuff!Servaas KamerlingStartup Sprint program participant
The workshop focuses on practical aspects and fosters interactivity between participants. It allows you to approach business creation with different lenses, from different point of views. James Vanwayenbergh, Sales advisor
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