Public or private corporate structures and teams are facing strategy and team challenges, that blocks or slow down their growth and openness to change and innovation.

This Innovation and Intrapreneurship track will help to unleash the creative and problem solving mind of the team members, and make them able to “think” and “act” like real entrepreneurs.

Methodologies like Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Pimento Map, Lean Startup will be taught to give them the necessary tools to create and validate.

The scope of this Innovation and Intrapreneurship training is multiple:

  1. Give a clear view of the “burning ground” in the your industry and sector and define the Risks and the Opportunities of your company.
  2. Get Senior Management better prepared, open to innovation and lean methodologies by the use of the Design Thinking methodology
  3. Enable this teams to adopt a collaborative advantage and position in the necessary new way of thinking and working to give innovation a real place.

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Why they loved it

The workshop focuses on practical aspects and fosters interactivity between participants. It allows you to approach business creation with different lenses, from different point of views. James Vanwayenbergh, Sales advisor
Een tweedaags waar je volledig wordt ongedompeld in het denken van een ondernemer. Virginie Desaever, Sales advisor

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