Virtuology Academy

Virtuology Academy is an academy dedicated to Digital Marketing, founded by Cedric Donck.

In today’s digital climate, businesses rely more and more on their online presence to drive sales, create brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. That’s why virtuology Academy offers a range of programs that helps each stakeholder in the Digital World to learn, practice and enrich his knowledge and perception in all fields, which are key for their businesses.

Field experts that are active in the digital ecosystem will teach different concepts such as Programmatic, Google Adwords, Video Marketing, Inbound Marketing and many more. Practice and collaboration are essential. Participants will be working on real cases or own company projects to ensure the most effective and productive usage of their time.

Within the Virtuology Academy eco-system, participants will have the opportunity to extend their network and benefit from the academy’s community.

Virtuology Academy provides a balanced training offer with mixed tools.