Fundamentals of Inbound Marketing

In today’s digital climate, businesses rely more and more on their online presence to drive sales, create brand awareness, and build customer loyalty. Increasing your digital presence is essential to the growth of your business, as your customers almost always interact with you online first. In this course, you’ll  discover how you can increase your digital presence and how to transform your website and social media into a sales-generating powerhouse.

In this course, you’ll learn the basics on improving your digital presence, creating a unique value proposition, identifying your ideal customer persona, and more. You’ll gain insight into the buyer’s journey and learn how to write content that guides the customer towards your business.

This program was created for professionals who want their online presence to reach its’ fullest potential:

  • CEO’s
  • General Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Content and Copywriters

In this ½ day workshop, students receive a combination of lecture, class discussion, and hands-on examples on basics of inbound marketing:

  • Defining Customer Personas
  • Building SEO strategy
  • Evolution of keywords and search engines
  • Understanding the buyer’s journey
  • Effective content strategy
  • Community management guidance
  • Training duration : ½ day
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Speaker Stanislas Dujardin

Stanislas is the general manager of Smartelia Belgium & France.  He’s largely experienced in the customer care environment (SFR, VOO, Eni, etc.) and in the world of support centers for offshore destinations (Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco).  Focused on results, and driven by KPI’s, he leads a team of 150 digital experts based in Madagascar to develop and increase the digital presence of SMC. He guides the digital strategy from awareness, analysis, and finally putting plans into action.


Virtuology Academy

Our programs take place at Virtuology offices in Brussels city.

Virtuology Academy – Avenue Louise, 523 – 1050 Brussels

Legrand – Tram 7, 93 ou 94