Introduction to developing Digital Marketing Campaigns

When a customer seeks to purchase a product or service online, rarely do they click and buy the first thing that pops up. There’s a journey or “customer lifecycle” that everyone goes through from the moment they realize they have a need, to the moment they decide to buy. This involves research, comparing, asking friends, and much more. How do you capture your audience’s attention with so many competing voices in the digital landscape?

This course is all about understanding the journey your customer goes through to get to your website. If you take the time to understand what makes them tick, you’ll be able to implement marketing strategies that get you measurable results.

Over a 2-day, in-depth course, you’ll learn to:

  • Target your customers pain points, emotions, and desires to showcase your business as the solution
  • Develop efficient and cost-effective marketing strategies
  • Choose the best digital channels to have the biggest impact
  • Understand and use the most effective KPIs
  • Create targeted branding that persuades your audience – every time

You’ll understand the full cycle of the customer’s purchase journey, and how to create sales funnels that predictably lead them to buy.

Throughout this course, you’ll begin to develop your digital mindset. You’ll learn about the different digital channels in marketing, and how the different channels appeal to different audiences. You’ll learn which marketing messages are most effective for different clients and use those messages to improve and measure your conversions.  By the end, you’ll be able to go beyond digital marketing to understand the broader framework of marketing campaign management.

This course is best for beginner-intermediate marketers who are looking to gain more advanced marketing strategies. It’s tailor-made for marketers seeking to:

  • Build efficient digital marketing strategies that they can apply to any campaign
  • Create predictable, measurable results on each campaign
  • Shift focus on digital channels to balanced, ROI strategies
  • Understand the most effective usage KPIs in all digital channels

Day 1:

Mapping the Customer’s Journey

In this lesson, you’ll learn to get inside the minds of your customers. You should know by now that customers rarely go directly to a website and purchase something. Rather, they perform searches, ask their friends, compare prices and more. You’ll learn to become aware of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that go through a customer’s mind when making a purchase.

Once you develop audience awareness, you’ll learn practical strategies and brainstorming techniques to target your marketing towards your audiences’ emotions. This will carry your leads through every phase of the purchasing journey: from awareness creation, to purchase, and even how to make them ambassadors of your product or service.

Defining Customer Persona and Drafting Value Proposition

Once you’ve learned how to clearly map the customer’s journey, it’s time to fully understand your target customer persona. Your customers are your business, after all, and your business should project the idea that it solves their problems, makes their life easier, or really connects with what they need. We dive deep into how to design the audience persona using specific examples and proven strategies.

Then, you’ll be guided through the process of how to transform the persona into your value proposition. Business owners often make the mistake of building their value proposition from the business perspective. You’ll learn how to write your value from the pains, gains, and problems of your customers. This process allows you to create a crystal-clear vision of how to message your marketing that’s much more effective at converting and growing your customer base.

Building Consistent, Efficient Paid Digital Marketing Strategies

In this course, you’ll learn all about the main digital channels of today (emails, landing pages, Facebook Ads, etc.). You’ll learn how each channel is used to reach different types of customers and how to use these channels as funnels that lead your customers to purchase.

This session focuses on:

  • Defining your campaign’s goals based on your business objectives
  • Following the complete customer purchase cycle to reach the right audience with the most effective messaging in the most effective digital channel
  • Choosing the most effective channels for your campaign
  • Defining KPI’s for measuring and optimizing your campaigns success
  • Learning the marketing numbers: asking the right questions to implement the most cost-efficient
  • The power of video in the digital mix: how to make your brand stand out in the video ocean

Day 2:

Practice and Presentation:

On day 2, you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice. You’ll work on building an efficient paid digital marketing strategy with your group. You’ll collaborate with your group members to put a digital marketing strategy into action to create a digital campaign GTM plan.

Your group will present your campaign to the class which allows for everyone to learn and understand on a deeper level.

  • Training duration : 2 days
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Speaker Laurence Baeten

Laurence Baeten is a Client Service Director at blue2purple. She has been working for over 7 years in the digital sector, and has been lucky to transform her passion into a career. Laurence started as an expert in paid marketing campaigns going from Google search, to display, and even social platforms as well. She evolved throughout the years to adopt a more advisory role to advertisers in order to help them be successful in digital marketing. She uses data, knowledge, experience, and strategy to create real competitive advantages.


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