The board

What do you get when you perfectly balance experiences, knowledge and insights? The Academy Board !

Our management is made up of two very experienced founders. Cedric Donck and Alain Heureux have known each other for years, founded several companies together, invested in start-ups, helped them with upscaling, have been advising companies in various sectors in transformation, innovation and immersion processes for many years and currently offer companies the opportunity to innovatively redesign their organizational structure with the help of the Virtuology Academy. They use methods and tools that bring all those involved on board, help to shape change from within the organisation and create a high level of understanding and acceptance for the redesign.

Cedric, CEO of Virtuology International, is an experienced entrepreneur, who launched various start-ups in the internet and communication sector.

Cedric is a professional Business Angel and an expert in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He is teaching at various universities like the Vlerick Business School and acts as the Dean Director of the Virtuology Academy.

Additionally, he is the author of the book ‘Pimento Map’.

Alain has developed many companies and non-profits in the internet and communication space and focused on innovation.

He opened ‘The Egg’ in 2010, one of the first Incubation Centers in Brussels. Since 2014 he has gained expertise in Innovative Processes by using fablabs as catalysers of cultural transformation and co-creation.

Alain is also a professor at Gdansk University of Technology, Aspire Academy and at the Business School of UNIT.City in Kiev.

Virtuology International

A group of Agencies specialized in digital marketing

The Virtuology Group is a group of firms specialised in Digital Marketing Services and Strategies with the purpose of uniting experts of the field to offer you the best experience possible.

Uniting nine companies with a total of 220 employees in five locations worldwide the group has previously served more than 240 clients. By uniting experts of all fields in the Digital Marketing section, the group’s strength lies in the balance between the independence of each company and the natural synergy between all of its members. Together they strive to grow professionally and personally and enable skill transfers which allows them to cater to all their clients’ needs.