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‘Learn by Doing’, this is our motto. We believe that simply teaching you is not enough: we want you to get engaged, to dig deep and to learn with the issues which are relevant to you.

Because for us, the center of all transformations we do is you!

The Virtuology Academy is an academy dedicated to Innovation Strategies & Transformation, Business Model audit technology, Executive coaching & inspiration and Leadership.

Founded by Cedric Donck and with at its head Alain Heureux, both have developed a unique expertise in Innovation, Transformation, Digital Strategies and Leadership. They are working closely with the 8 entities of the Virtuology Group, as well as with experts from various other backgrounds which allows them to turn strategies into processes and deployment programs. The Academy aims to inspire people and train them to react to the transformational challenges any organization is facing.

In today’s digital climate businesses rely more and more on their online presence to drive sales, create brand awareness and build customer loyalty. That is why the Virtuology Academy offers numerous programmes helping each stakeholder to individually learn, practice and enrich their knowledge & vision in the digital world.

Our strategic experts help board members, executive committees or innovation managers to define their innovation strategies, using several methods and tools developed by the Academy.

Our leadership experts assist your managers in defining their leadership style and guide them through their individual leadership journey.

Participants work on real cases or on their own company projects to ensure the most effective and productive use of their time.

Within the Virtuology Academy ecosystem, participants have the opportunity to extend their network and benefit from the Academy’s community.

The Virtuology Academy provides the best in class training available, based on proven method and positive energy.

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