Our Experts

Learn by Doing with the most trained and experienced professionals in their fields.

Who can be better than our Experts practicing everyday?!

Here at the Academy we believe in the principle of “Learning by doing”.

We have carefully chosen teachers who apply the theoretical input they teach in their daily work. 

We are working with experts from the Virtuology Group and from the rest of the digital industry to assure you the best up to date trainings.  

We at the Academy believe that progress, innovation and new ideas arise through constant exchange and we are eager not only to pass this culture on to our clients, but above all to exemplify it. Therefor all our teachers are professionally trained by us in order to ensure to all our clients a maximized learning success.

Georges-Alexandre Hanin

Expert in Retail Strategies - Mobilosoft

Alain Heureux

Expert in Innovation Strategies, Leadership and in Transformation - Virtuology Academy

Barbara Stepnowska, Phd

Expert in Sustainable Development Leadership, Climate Leadership - Innovation Squad

Bruno Durbecq

Expert in Search Engine Strategies - blue2purple

Cedric Donck

Expert in Business Strategies, Innovation, Leadership and in Business Models - Virtuology International

Gaetan Godart

Expert in Data Strategies - Programmads

Karima Neveu

Expert in Digital Marketing Strategies - blue2purple

Laurence Baeten

Expert in Digital Media Strategies - blue2purple

Lisa Diamant

Expert in Social Media Strategies - blue2purple

Moise Denage

Expert in MarketPlaces strategies and Amazon sales - Etail Agency

Olivier Rousseaux

Expert in Web Traffic Optimisation - Maastery

Alex Shpak

Expert in Agile business transformation