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What makes us unique

  • Virtuology Academy focuses on creating successful entrepreneurs and not on certificates.
  • You will be working on your personal project and not on case studies.
  • You will not only develop skills on your know how but also on your life skills.
  • An online plateform will be at your disposal to have an overview on all your subjects. The forum will give you the opportunity to collaborate with others.

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Programmatic Academy

Learn the principles and tools of Programmatic advertising with professionals.

Map Academy

The Pimento Map methodology is a fast and easy way to evaluate your business model.


Time-Management is key for a balanced and successful life-achievement.


You are a corporate seeking to implement fertile innovation ground?

The Team

Speaker Cedric Donck

Co-founder and Dean

Cedric Donck is Co-Founder and Dean at the Virtuology Academy. As an experienced entrepreneur, he launched various start-ups in the Internet and communications sector. Since 2012, he has been a professional Business Angel and has invested in a dozen Internet-based companies in Brussels, Paris and Madagascar. In 2013 he created the Pimento Map, a unique, fast, easy and accurate methodology to validate and evaluate the chances of success of a business model. Furthermore, he is also a visiting professor at Vlerick, where he lectures on the entrepreneurship and financing of SME’s.

Speaker Alain Heureux

Trainer, Coach and Fablab Guru

Creating and Managing companies since 1987. Investing time and energy in professional associations (ADMH, IAB, ACC, BDMV, BPRC, UBA, etc).
He promotes and develops interactive and digital marketing in Belgium and across Europe. He stimulates creativity, innovation and technologies by creating in Brussels, the Center of Europe, a building called The Egg as well as founding the Creative Ring connecting creative Hubs (building and communities) throughout Europe. He helps companies to turn their organisations into empowered teams with a willingness to change and to lead by example.

Speaker Laurent Bouty

Marketing expert

A C-Level international Marketing and Strategy professional, Laurent Bouty brings his 20 years of international experience in Marketing, Sales, Strategy and Leadership. He has a broad Marketing experience (from Marketing Strategy to Communication) including latest trends like analytics, social networks and mobile gained in Telecommunication, Advertising and Financial sector. Laurent has a strong marketing execution orientation in highly complex industries through team development and best practices implementation.

Why our customers love us

Een tweedaags waar je volledig wordt ongedompeld in het denken van een ondernemer. Virginie Desaever, Sales advisor
If you want to go deeper into the creation of your business, you should take this course.Sinouhe Monteiro, Founder at EwalaStartup Sprint program participant
The workshop focuses on practical aspects and fosters interactivity between participants. It allows you to approach business creation with different lenses, from different point of views. James Vanwayenbergh, Sales advisor