Our Innovation Philosophy

Many organisations have the need to reposition themselves and develop innovation practices. But it can be difficult to consider all influencing factors. With us you have a partner at your disposal to accompany you through the process.

We have a saying about the importance of transformation over time: agility is the key to innovative success.

But what is agility in terms of innovation?

Agility is a balance of speed, flexibility, and execution. Successful businesses constantly work towards new developments. They are flexible enough to transform their thinking. And, they know when to execute innovative change before their competitors.

For a business to continue to thrive, it needs agile individuals who can innovate new ideas. But beyond that, it needs collective agility of all its employees to develop fertile grounds for innovation. Collective agility is developed by a group of agile individuals who join forces to embrace change and thrive off of collective genius.

Innovation is essential to company growth. Only when you have set the foundations for collective genius and agile workers can truly effective innovation take place. Then you can be an industry-leader with disruptive ideas that redefine the market.

We offer workshops to enable Executives, Board Members and Managers to understand where disruption can challenge their business or organization, and how they can build a Framework and Strategy for Disruptive Innovation. The aim is to ensure teams of agile individuals within the firms or organization can best understand where is the most fertile ground for innovative initiatives and projects.

We are using the Job-to-be-Done methodology from Clayton Christensen, and we let the participants understand how to organize their innovation and how to define KPIs. We are providing a decision-making matrix to assess whether to develop a project internally, or externally through an acquisition or a joint venture.

Many different formats and tools are available to enable agile innovative individuals and teams to achieve innovation: hackathons, sprint sessions or interactive workshops. Participants will discover that the use of Design Thinking, Business Model Canvas, Pimento Map and Lean Startup are often essential to guarantee success in their projects. In addition, we have developed over 15 fablabs in factories working as catalysts for transformation and thus helping to change the culture and some processes.

We suggest our clients look forward to a Safari of Inspiration throughout Europe. We have selected some disruptive places, people and cities who can inspire your teams and help them understand that they will have to broaden their mind and think-out-of-the-box!

Formats we offer

Contact us, if you want to take your organization on an Innovation Adventure

You are interested, come on in ! Let us know who you are and which of our formats interest you. Our innovation experts will be delighted to work on your case and together, you will build a tailor made innovation course in order to upscale your team as well on hard skills as on soft skills.