Define Your Winning Innovation Strategy

Duration 2 days
Group Size 15-25
Course Level Advanced
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This course is best suited for those tasked with innovation management within a company, Board Members and Senior Management.


This programme is designed to help you understand the importance of innovation within your business. You will learn real-world strategies you can adopt to ensure your business continues to grow every year. Most importantly, this course will help you develop techniques for encouraging and managing innovation in your teams and to maximize growth, profits and the happiness of your innovators.


Starting by analysing the challenges your industry is facing, this workshop teaches you everything you need to know about creating a clear charter for innovation flow in your organization. You will set a standard for “top-down” innovation drive using efficient and easy-to-implement techniques. These techniques create a healthy employee ecosystem to drive “bottom-up” innovation flows. You will also develop a clear understanding on how to lead and manage innovation within your organization, so that you are able to transform previously defined challenges more as opportunities for disruptive innovation.