Let your Innovation Immerse in your Organization

Duration 3 Day
Group Size 15-25
Course Level Advanced
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This course was designed for leaders in positions like Senior Management, Middle Management and Innovation Champions who are already familiar with our course “Disruptive Innovation Strategies”.


In this 3-day course you will learn to develop a confident mindset when approaching innovative projects within your industry, and we will enable you as a manager to embrace, encourage and review innovation with clear action plans. As a participant you will be actively engaged in creating solutions for challenges your company is facing and you will learn practical strategies that can be applied predictably and successfully to startups and successful businesses alike.


The course will be built on the innovation charter defined by senior management that participants have developed in a previous course (Disruptive Innovation Strategies). You will already have defined the charter and identified the challenges ahead, moving on now to fully actualize your innovations, from identifying problems to predicting success. You will both formulate an innovation strategy, and also present it on site. Through this you will be able to receive immediate feedback and input from your peers.