Leadership in Ambiguous Times

Duration 2 Days
Group Size 8 - 12
Course Level In-Depth
Course Format Workshop

Target group

This course is best suited for those tasked with people management within a company, Senior Managers or Advanced Talents.


For many years, economists and researchers have been talking about the shift of the management paradigm indicating that teal organisations driven by servant leaders are increasing team engagement, productivity and happiness.
Today many businesses will have to change as the pandemic has influenced our way of working, impacted our processes, our reporting and the control mechanism but it has also forced our leaders to adapt their style. How do we build further our trust relation? How do we get organized in a hybrid world? How do we promote further self-management and which new soft skills are expected from our current and future leaders?

We offer you two approaches to create a common acceptance throughout your teams


Inspiration – 1h webinar to create awareness and a positive burning ground

The webinar explains how VUCA is now challenged by BANI. Although the number of participants to a webinar could be unlimited, we recommend working with groups from 50 to 75 people as the aim remains to recruit potential candidates for the workshop on Leadership and Organisation.


Workshop – 2 days to challenge leaders and organisations. To help them design a roadmap for their transformational journey.

Day 1 – Leadership : moving from our current leadership style towards the notion of servant leadership will require new skills. This first day will help leaders to understand the context and to design their own leadership plan.

  • – Unyielding believe in human potential
  • – Valuing impact over influence
  • – Understanding of interbeing
  • – Staying with uncertainty
  • – Trusting in emergence


Day 2 – Organisations : teal, holacracy, self-management, project teams and many new concepts are described within management books. Are they only applicable to iconic companies or can it also happen in my organisation? Where do we start? Is there a manual? The second day of the workshop will explain these concepts with concrete examples. At the end of the day, an actionable “change” roadmap will be created for each participant.

  • – Shift from economic growth to holistic well-being
  • – Shift from forced hierarchy to natural hierarchy
  • – Shift from fear to trust and love
  • – Shift from optimization to human transformation
  • – Shift from mechanistic to an ecosystem view