WEB TO STORE : Adapt your Retail Business to the Latest Digital Trends

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 12
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This programme within the Local Retail Digital Marketing series is tailor-made for Management. It specifically addresses Retail Senior Managers who are mainly in the business field, Commercial Managers, Marketing Managers and Area Managers.


During this program you will have learned how the GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, & Apple) are shaping the omnichannel ecosystem and you will be able to better predict where they will grow in the years to come. As a retail company, you will be able to adapt your business to the latest digital trends to succeed in this omnichannel battle.


The digital market is an ever-evolving landscape with constant changes in technology and strategies. In order to stay on the leading edge of digital marketing trends, it is important for all members of a business to stay current on the changing environment. Even if you operate a local retail business, building an online marketing strategy is the key to growth and success.

It is the key American online retailers that drive the change in the digital retail space. GAFA have shaped how the world shops for the last 15 years and so learning to follow their marketing strategies is the key to higher retail success. This course will teach you about the omnichannel ecosystem of the digital retail space and shows you how your retail organization can adapt its business to the latest digital trends to succeed in the omnichannel battle.