ONLINE SALES : Optimizing Sales with Amazon Distribution Solutions

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 20
Course Level Advanced
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This course is targeted at Senior Management.


With this course you will understand the Amazon sphere and how your organization can work efficiently with the Big Brother of Sales.


Amazon is changing the way we buy. Already today half of the products being searched in France are searched via the Amazon platform. The Amazon marketplace in the EU is converting 1.600€ per second, has more than 100 Million unique visitors per month and 50€ billion in sales. 

But working with Amazon is very complex. Their difficult logistic processes and difficult content marketing organization makes many shrink back. Many companies give up quickly on using the platform, without understanding the business potential being offered. This is why this course will teach you about the Amazon Vendor Galaxy, so you will always be one step ahead of your competition. We will train you for the different kinds of Amazon distribution solutions, talk about the right strategy of sales for you, the underlying logistic processes and content marketing optimization and the option for paid search on Amazon, making you more successful on Amazon!