PERFORMANCE : Assess your Digital Marketing Maturity

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size 15-25
Course Level In-Depth
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This programme is tailored-made for Intrapreneurs and Innovation Champions of all experience levels who seek in-depth knowledge and guidance on how to predict success for any business model.


During this programme, you will learn to reliably and objectively evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan. Pimento Map will give the opportunity to entrepreneurs, business angels or venture capital firms to build an objective opinion on a new business idea in any industry. You will learn to identify and correct pitfalls in your model before they become big problems.


How can you know whether you have a good business model, or if you need to rework your idea? You can research the market, ask your peers, or research the numbers; but there is no clear path or reassurance that you are correct. In this course you will learn from innovator Cedric Donck about how to apply the Pimento Map method. The Pimento Map was created from in-depth research of hundreds of businesses. During the course Cedric Donck will guide you through the 18 Pimento Map Questions and train you on how to objectively interpret the answers to those questions. Learning this methodology gives a fast, easy and accurate way to evaluate the chances of success of your business model.