BASIC: The Future of Digital Advertising

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size Plenary Session
Course Level Advanced
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

ABC Level


Create awareness towards participants about the fast-changing world in which they operate.  Digital Advertising is changing nearly permanently as technologies and platforms are changing rapidly and/or popping-up. Tech Giants and start-ups are disrupting the media and advertising world. We are providing during one plenary day some important insights about the future of Search, of Social Media and of Programmatic media buying.


The landscape of Search Advertising, Social Media and Programmatic Media Buying is changing rapidly and they are challenging professionals to stay up to speed.  Search is done with Voice commands or even Imagery search. How can your company prepare itself for it? As part of this Inspirational session our Search expert will explain how voice, images and automation will revolutionize of Search. Search is today often used throughout primary queries but you have to under- stand the intent from your consumers or customers generated by long queries. Predictive bidding and 4A (Audience, Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Attribution) integration will improve your conversions on Social Media but also on Programmatic buying. Technically the three themes will also evolve as new technologies are showing up and improving the efficiency of all platforms but also adapting to new regulations.

Let your teams stand up to speed and let them be inspired by our session on the Future of Digital Advertising.