VIDEO : Building your brand with Video Marketing

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size Max. 30
Course Level Intermediate
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

This program is designed for professionals involved in the marketing efforts of a company like Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Brand Managers and Communication Managers.


Starting from a business objective to a concrete action plan, this course will teach you how to draft and predict your customers journey using video marketing as a tool for gaining the customer’s attention. We will equip you with the tools to analyse your current digital environment in regards to creative work and on the basis of best-practice examples we will show you how you can use video marketing and DCO to always be one step ahead in digital marketing.


Today consumers are confronted with around 10.000 ads per day.  There is no way that in this environment that ads can still be created using the same old techniques and  still expect a strong response. In today’s world data is being used to inform creative work, personalize content-based behaviour instead of relying on merely basic demographics. Digital marketing has revolutionized the advertising world, but many are lost when it comes to building a successful digital strategy. This course will guide you through the possibilities that are being offered by using data based creativity in marketing and how video marketing and DCO can help you sharpen your brand’s profile and better reach your target audience.