SEARCH : Understand the Basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size 15-25
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

This training was designed for professionals within an organisation who deal with website management and Search Engine Optimization in general.


During this course you will understand the basics of Search Engine Optimisation and how to take those parameters into account when building online content.


40.000 searches are done on Google search per second. In order to be visible for your organisation in this massive amount of traffic it is highly important to set up your SEO perfectly. But what are the parameters you have to consider? How can SEO help you to establish qualified traffic to your website?

During this training we will teach everything about SEO: how to set it up, how to use it and how to benefit from it.

During the course we will explain you how to set up the technicalities of SEO in different formats. You will learn the best ULR and title tag structures. You will see how to define the suiting Key Words and understand the importance of meta descriptions & headings. We will help you to enable your sitemap, get into the topic of rich cards and conclude finally with the measurement methods you can use to keep track of your progress.