BASIC : Introduction to developing Digital Marketing Campaigns

Duration 2 Days
Group Size 10
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

Beginner to Intermediate marketers who are seeking to get an overview on the digital marketing market, build efficient digital marketing strategies, or want to understand the most effective usage of KPIs in all digital channels.


After completing this course you will have developed a digital mindset, you will know the different channels in marketing and which appeal to different audiences. You will be able to target the most suitable marketing messages at your target audience and you will understand the broader framework of marketing campaign management.


Customers nowadays rarely click and buy the first item that pops up during their online search for a product or service. Instead,  all buying decisions go through what is called a “customer lifecycle”, in which customers compare the product, ask their friends’ opinions, browse the web for alternatives and much more. This means  companies have to understand their customers’ journey in order to be able to still capture the target audience’s attention.

This course will provide you with the insights and tools to understand the process that leads your future potential customers to your website; you will understand what distinguishes your customer and how you can implement marketing strategies that get their attention,  and also provide you with measurable results.