WEB TO STORE : Using & Optimizing Facebook Local Pages

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 10-15
Course Level Introduction - Intermediate
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

This section of the “Local Retailing” program is designed for a variety of retail management positions like Retail Marketing Manager, Community Manager and Retail Area Managers.


During this course you will have learned about the importance and benefits of the Facebook Local Pages. We will have guided you through the process of using and optimizing a Facebook Local Page so you can stay ahead of your competitors.


Facebook as a social platform that not only functions as a tool for helping people stay connected, through the Local Pages tool it also provides organizations with the possibility to impact customers acquisitions. But understanding the workings and underlying systems of the Facebook Local Pages algorithm can be challenging, and that is why this course offers you a fast theoretical and hands-on approach to make your Facebook Local Pages successful. This course will teach you about the benefits and implications of managing a Facebook Local Page on a daily basis, as well as provide you with insights on the different types of Facebook Pages and how you can use them as tools to enhance your reach.