BASICS : Understand Your Customers’ Needs

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size 15-20
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

A-B levels


This course will help you understand the importance of a digital agenda and data-driven research for understanding your customer needs and being able to adapt your product accordingly.


One of the main concerns for marketers nowadays is to successfully reach their customers. However, many still try to match their products or services without asking what the customers really need, a question that would lead to greater customer satisfaction. Instead of offering various solutions, companies must analyse the origin of the problem they are trying to solve. This course strives to familiarize you with the tools to do so.

Through providing a general introduction to the meaning of the digital transformation this course will show you the challenges you are facing within your organization. Using real-life examples, we will show you how these challenges can be tackled by using our tools for digital evaluation. The date driven methodology of marketing research will enable you to understand your customers’ needs and adapt your product and services accordingly.