PERFORMANCE : Make the Most of your Search Advertising Reporting

Duration 1/2 Days
Group Size Max. 10
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture

Target Group

This program is especially designed for Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, Brand Managers and Communication Managers.


This programme is designed to give you a clear understanding of marketing automation across a global inventory. After completion, you will have a clear picture of the Programmatic Landscape, you will be able to use the principles of audience targeting rather than media buying, you will know how the Programmatic platform and processes work, and you will understand how the Programmatic approach impacts the efficiency of your marketing activities.


Programmatic enables businesses to both save time and money, and experience more predictable advertising success using machine-based ad buying. The increasingly crowded advertising market will continue to rely on technology and thus it is extremely important for advertisers to learn how to use this invaluable tool. This course will teach you the principles and tools of Programmatic advertising.It will start with a full breakdown of Programmatic, how it works and how you can use it.

We will provide you with insights on how to better qualify your advertising campaigns and you will learn about the ROI of investing in technologies so that real-time advertising will no longer remain a mystery to you.