SEARCH: Audience Targeting : Marketing Automation & the Programmatic Platform

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size Max. 10
Course Level Intermediate - Advanced
Course Format Lecture

Target Group

This course is targeted at people who interact with SEA on a daily basis.


During this course you will have learned how to interpret your Search advertising reporting and you will understand the importance of automation in search campaigns.


The digital marketing world is further expanding and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of all the impact your company campaigns. Search advertising reporting is a great tool to understand the impact of your campaigns and use that data to optimize your targeting. On  this course we will introduce you to the tools available for automating your campaign and easily getting results on the impact of the marketing effort. We will talk about Google’s optiscore, the integration of video into search advertisements, the importance of Google Analytics, Firebase, Adobe and other tools to work with your collected data, as well as automation practises and how you can use different assets and attributes to reach your target audience with your automated campaigns.