PERFORMANCE : Measuring the Success of your Marketing Campaigns

Duration 2 Days
Group Size 15-25
Course Level Intermediate
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

A-B Level


Using the method of the 4 Pillars, this course will show you how your business objective aligns with the digital world. Keeping in mind that the digital transformation is becoming increasingly important, this course will teach you how to measure your collected data so you are able to address your customers in a more meaningful way.


With the ever-increasing demands of the digital world it is important for any business to have solid strategies for measuring the success of any marketing effort. But the amount of measurement software, opinions and research available grows every day and can leave many confused about what they should be using.

This course cuts through the mountain of information to give you clear guidelines on which metrics are best suited for your organization. 

Starting by the impact of data for your digital transformation and understanding the customer journey, you will be able to choose the right metrics to collect and analyse your data. Using the tried-and-true method of the 4 Pillars, you will learn to set clear business objectives to meet the demands of digital transformation. And in order for you to have the highest benefit possible we will combine the theoretical with hands-on approaches and insights into your own company.