WEB TO STORE: Involving Location Managers and Franchisees in your Digital marketing Management

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 12
Course Level In-Depth
Course Format Workshop or E-learning

Target Group

This program is especially designed for managers like Retail Marketing Managers, Community Managers, Retail Area Managers and Retail Legal Managers.


This course provides you with understanding for the recent digital marketing changes as well as the rising influence of GAFA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) on the digital landscape. The course will show you how to cope with these changes and how to adapt your business processes to coordinate the efforts between your national digital marketing departments and your location managers or franchisees.


The number of local digital interactions has continued to increase exponentially over the past 10 years. Over the last 2 years alone, the interactions Mobilosoft has facilitated for their group of 20,000 clients have multiplied over 37 times. Thanks to the digital strategies of GAFA the importance of a digital marketing will only continue to increase.

The increasing digital world means that managers need to expand their digital marketing efforts. Digital departments must learn to share their digital marketing activities with location managers and franchisees to make effective local impacts in their communities. This class will be giving you in-depth training, lectures and discussions so you are able to adapt your companies’ communication to better coordinate between your national digital marketers and your multi-local management, to define the role of the retailer’s digital marketing departments, and to align national marketing, area managers and franchisees in your digital marketing strategy.

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