ONLINE SALES : Setting the Right E-Commerce Platform Strategy to Boost Online Sales

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 10
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

This course is targeted at Commercial Directors and Marketing Managers.


During this course you will understand the keys to succeed with your e-commerce strategy by having the right partner.


In recent years online marketplaces (Amazon, Alibaba, etc.) have become more and more essential to developing online sales. Capturing traffic through a large scale product benchmarking strategy these platforms allow brands to sell products to a large number of customers without having the logistics to serve them. 

But as their popularity grows, so does the competition between the sellers. Therefore it is necessary to adopt the right strategy when selling products online.

Brands have to consider how to spread their sale points while at the same time not being too diffuse and questions like: is my own-brand store still necessary? have to be considered. In order for you to understand the challenges and opportunities of online marketplaces we will look at real life cases, take their learnings and adapt them to your business, highlighting the importance of the online marketer strategy for future sales.