WEB TO STORE : Creating and Implementing a Local Digital Advertising Strategy

Duration 1/2 Day
Group Size 12
Course Level In-Depth
Course Format Workshop

Target Group

This program is tailor-made for managers and marketers at the local and national level, like Retail Marketers, Managers and Community Managers.


During this course your national marketing departments will learn about why you should create and implement a local digital advertising strategy. You will gain insight on various digital marketing concepts (GDPR, ROI, Branding, etc.) and how you can apply them to your own business in order for them to create actionable guidelines for franchisees and local managers.


Location managers and franchisees are increasingly taken advantage of by various digital marketing initiatives at the local level. Local marketing agencies sell high price/low value marketing services directly to local management. In many cases these services are not compliant with the franchising contract, not aligned with the company’s digital marketing department and not truly optimized to compete with major retailers.

To combat the confusion and uncertainty in digital marketing, this course enables the national marketing department to help every local store to have the biggest digital impact while also staying aligned with the goals of the company as a whole. We will discuss the goals of the local vs the national digital marketing, how they can be aligned, how and when media buying can be effective, and how local managers and franchisees can be guided when media buying.