PERFORMANCE : Introduction to Google Analytics & Google 360 Suite

Duration 2 Days
Group Size Max. 10
Course Level Introduction
Course Format Lecture & Workshop

Target Group

This programme was designed for the novice web marketer or website owner who wants to get the most out of Google Analytics.


During this programme you will learn about the Google 360 Suite and understand the synergies across the different tools; you will understand the “Web-Metrics and “Key Performance Indicators” (KPIs) used across the industry, you will analyse and optimize your own digital communication strategy, and you will have received hands-on training on implementing Google Analytics on your website as well as creating custom reports.


Whether you are in e-commerce, e-business, or run a simple content site, data collection and analytics are essential to your digital growth. Each type requires a specific approach to gathering and understanding data. Google Analytics is the primary resource for online data collection and an essential tool for anyone looking to grow their online presence as it allows you to measure the performance of your website, strengthen the potential for growth and enhance it for SEO. During this course you will receive training on how to use the tool to the fullest. Furthermore, you will learn how to take advantage of the many tools available in the Google 360 suite such as Google Optimize, Tag Managers and the Audience Center.

The synergy between each of these products gives you unparalleled power for analysing your data. Learning how Analytics relates to each additional product will present a clear path to growing your digital presence.