SEARCH : Setting-up Paid Search Advertising

Duration 1 Day
Group Size Max. 10
Course Level Introduction - Intermediate
Course Format Lecture

Target Group

This course is designed for Managers & Executives with no experience in Social Advertising.


After completing this course you will be able to launch search campaigns and optimize them to reach your business objectives.


Paid Search Advertising is a great tool to set up campaigns that can later be evaluated for their impact. During this course we will teach you how you can launch your own Search campaigns, how the impact of each campaign can be measured and interpreted, and how, based on the performance, you can further optimize your campaigns.

By considering the most common problems a Search marketer faces daily we will give you insights into account management, teach you about Keyword writing and the logic behind it, talk about extension management and teach you about how good ads are written and how to perform AB testing with them.